Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS reference identity: TH001-A-0413 MSDS issued date: 3-23-2017 Page 1 of 5
(Isotropic Strontium Ferrite Magnet)
Section 1. Company Information and Chemical Identity
Chemical name: Isotropic Strontium Ferrite Magnet Common name: Rubber magnet Product
Article No.: 200.20
Company name:
Mommy Marvel
Healthy Emergency: Call Local Poison Control Center
Product: Dry Erase Board for Refrigerator - White Magnetic Whiteboard Set - Large Sheet for Fridge with No
Staining Technology - Best for Smart Planners - Free Markers - 17" x 13" …
Use: Magnetic Organizer For Refrigerator
MSDS reference identity: TH001-A-0413 MSDS issued date: 3-23-2017
Section 2. Composition/Information on Ingredients
Chemical name: Strontium Ferrite (SrO.6Fe2O3)
Hazardous Ingredients: SrCl 2. Standard content of SrCl2 (GB/T114848-93) Standard of
underground water quality : classI, 0.01; classII, 0.1 ; classIII,1.0; classIV,4.0 ; classV, more
than 4.0;TLV of the hazardous material in drinking water is 0.7mg/1; (Industry standard):
TLV-TWA 0.5mg/m
3 ; STEL 0.5mg/m 3 CASE NO.10361-37-2


MSDS reference identity: TH001-A-0413 MSDS issued date: 3-23-2017 Page 2 of 5
Section 3. Hazard Data
Hazard Classification: Strontium Ferrite (un-listed), SrCl2 is hazardous.
Ingestion inhalation Harm: Strontium Ferrite has little toxicity.
Environment harm: chemical reaction has high stability and it won’t cause harm to environment.
Fire hazard: No information
Section 4. First Aid Measures
Skin: remove any contaminated clothing and wash thoroughly with soap and water.
Eyes: flush with running water for holding the eyelids wide open. Seek medical attention and
Inhalation: remove exposed person to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, oxygen may be
Ingestion: Drink enough water to induce vomiting. Seek medical treatment.
Section 5. Fire Fighting Measures
Hazard characteristic; no information Harmful burning product: CO2, CO Fire fighting methods:
water, foam and sand.
Firefighting per-caution: no information
Section 6 .Accidental Release Measures
Emergency handling: separate from the exposed area. A self contained breathing apparatus
operating in the positive pressure mode and full fire fighting protective clothing should be worn
for combating fires. Don’t contact the scoop to dry and clean container. Large amount release:
covered with plastic and canvas to reduce dust. Then collect or recycle them to trash handling

MSDS reference identity: TH001-A-0413 MSDS issued date:3-23-2017 Page 3 of 5
Section 7 Handling and Storage
Operating: wear anti-dust respirator in the processing of powder.
Storage: keep warehouse ventilated, low-temperature and dry; separate from food additive and
acid food.
Section 8. Contact Control/Personal Protection

No special protection is needed in normal condition.
Eyes protection: no special protection is needed in normal condition.
Body protection: no special protection is needed in condition, wear common clothes.
Hand protection: no special protection is needed in normal condition.
Other protection: no special protection is needed in normal condition.
Section 9 Physical Characteristic
Appearance and property: magnetic powder is black, and the finished product is strip. PH value:
solid, no test recorder.
Melting point: 965°C; Density (Water=1):3.86. (SrCl2)
Boiling point: 1560°C;Vapor density (Air=1): No information available.( SrCl2)Vapor pressure: No information available
Critical temperature and pressure: No information available
Flash point: No information available
Auto ignition temperature: no information available
Solubility: this product is indiscerptible. The slightly toxicant soluble SrCl in 2
acetic is soluble acid in water but indiscerptible in acetone and ethanol, and vitriol

MSDS reference identity: TH001-A-0413 MSDS issued date: 3-23-2017 Page 4 of 5
Section 10 Stability and Reactivity
Stability: the product is very stable. Incompatibility: Boron trifluoride
Condition to avoid: non-direct contact Polymerization harm: exquisite reactivity Disassemble
product: H2Cl, SrO Section XI Toxicological Information Acute toxicity: LD50 118mg/kg
Irritant: no information available
Sensitizer: no information available
Carcinogen: no information available
Other: no information available
Section 12 Ecological information
Detailed studies have not been conducted concerning the environmental fate of the product.
Section 13 Disposal consideration
Method of disposal: burn or bury in accordance with local regulations.
Section 14 Transportation Information
Non-Hazardous goods
Hazardous goods reference:
No UN reference: No Shipping mark: No Shipping classification: No requirement
Packing method: common paper packing or wooden pallet packing

MSDS reference identity: TH001-A-0413 MSDS issued date: 3-23-2017 Page 5 of 5
Section 15 Regulatory Information
Regulatory information: Hazardous Chemical Safety Administration Rule (Issue by State
Department on Feb.17, 1987). Chemical Safety Administration Rule and Implementary Details
(Chemical Department issue (1992) NO.667), GB 13690-92, Common Hazardous Chemical
Classification and Symbol.
Section 16 Other Information
Reference: GB16483-2000, (Chemical Safety Technical Sheet Specification)
GB13690-92, (Common Hazardous Chemical Classification and Symbol)